Tanbur Panj Simi (Five-Stringed Tanbur)
Flat-Bodied Setar
Zemâre (düzale)

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Tanbur Panj Simi (Five-Stringed Tanbur)

Ostad invented a singular five-stringed tanbur, which enabled him to synthesize the tanbur’s sacred repertoire with that of classical Persian music. Featuring a slightly larger body and neck, the first two rows of strings reproduce the configuration of the tanbur, while of the other two strings, one is in unison with the high-pitch and the other with the low octave, like the setar.

Cascade: Cascade

My Beginning and My End: Ya Shâh To Bâ Man Bâshi

My Beginning and My End: Samâ

Celestial Harmonies: Wala Witâna

Resilience: Improvisation in the Tchapi Suite

My Beginning and My End: Jelo Shâhi Suite on the Five-Stringed Tanbur

Celestial Dances: Tchapi Suite II

Celestial Harmonies: Mobârak Bâdâ Suite (2nd Version)

Celestial Harmonies: Ali Âmân Yâ Ali

Celestial Harmonies: Prayer of Hazrat Ali

Celestial Harmonies: Tchapi Suite