The ensemble of Ostad Elahi’s recordings, which consists of some 40 hours, is but a small representation of his vast repertoire developed over a lifetime. The recordings we have at our disposal contain over 100 pieces, organized into maqâms (modal melodies) and dastgâhs (systems or suites linking sequences of maqâms, melodic types, or melodies that exhibit formal affinities). Beyond the maqâm pieces, there are also dance airs and refrains (sarband or zekr), which are generally quite short and not susceptible to variations. These two types of pieces are integrated into larger suites or dastgâhs.

This section provides users with a clear overview and audio clips from Ostad Elahi’s published recordings to date, categorized into vocal and instrumental pieces. Certain pieces appear on multiple tracks and albums, but due to the highly improvisational nature of Ostad’s music, they are rendered differently each time. All of the hymns (zekrs) and their translations are listed in alphabetical order and cross-referenced to other albums featuring improvisations of the same melodies. Users can thus familiarize themselves with Ostad’s repertoire in a simplified and systematic fashion in order to experience firsthand the technical virtuosity and profound impact of his music.